Viewing Application Status
  • 14 Feb 2024
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Viewing Application Status

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Article Summary

  • Log into your account.

  • Information about your applications is displayed on the Dashboard view. The application status is displayed next to each application in the list. Applications can be a ‘Draft’, ‘Review’, or ‘Closed’.

  • To view the details of an application, select it in the list.

On the applicant's dashboard, there are two applications listed. Both have a status of Draft.

The post-secondary institution will make a decision on one or more program choices in the application.

The following are status possibilities for your application:

Waitlisted - There are no seats currently available in the selected program and no guarantee that the institution will issue an offer when you are put on the waitlist. If seats become available, you might receive an offer.

Declined - The status includes the reason the application was declined. No further action is required.

Pre-Admitted - You will receive a letter tagged Not for Visa Purposes, which you can use to start or support a bank loan application; however, you cannot use this letter to start your visa or study permit application.

Offered - You received an offer for one of the program selections in the application, for an alternate program, or for an English Proficiency Program.

Responding to “Need More Information” Requests

During the initial review of the application, the institution might find errors or require additional information. When this happens, the state of your application is set to “Needs More Information,” and you will receive an email notification.

Review the Instructions

  • On the Application Details page, in the Additional Information Required, details about the required corrections or information are displayed. The institution might request corrections to your personal information, education, or supporting documents.

  • For each item, read the instructions carefully; then select the corresponding Change button.

In the following example, the applicant must correct their passport information and provide a copy of their resume.

 In the sample application, there are two types of information required: passport details and a resume.

Make the Necessary Corrections

  • When you select Change, the corresponding section of the application opens.

  • Provide the required information or locate the necessary supporting document.

In the example, the applicant must upload a copy of their resume.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.

Resubmit Application

When you’ve made the required updates, you can resubmit your application.

  • On the Application Details page, select Resubmit.

The state of the application changes to Resubmitted.

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