Uploading Supporting Documents
  • 02 Jan 2024
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Uploading Supporting Documents

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Now that you’ve added your education and English proficiency details, the next step is to upload the required supporting documents.

The Supporting Documents page is organized into groups based on document categories.

  • Proof of Citizenship - A passport is a required document for Proof of Citizenship.

  • Academic Documents - Required for each school entered on the Education page.

  • Test Scores - Required for the type of English Proficiency reported.

You must provide at least one supporting document for each set of test scores entered on the Education page.

If the test is not yet completed, provide a document that shows proof of enrolment or proof of the scheduled test date.

  • Visa Documents

  • Program Specific Document Requirements

Examples: Portfolios, Proof of Deposit or Tuition Payment, Resume, or CV

Here’s what the Supporting Documents page looks like for our sample applicant:

The Supporting Documents page of the application, where you can upload copies of documents.

The following steps explain how to add a Passport as Proof of Citizenship. The process is the same for each type of supporting document that you need to add.

  • In the Proof of Citizenship section, select Passport.

  • Click the Select file(s) area to select the document to upload or drag and drop a document from your computer onto the upload window.


Note: The scanned documents or photographs that you upload must be easy to read.

The Passport document is added to the application. Documents in accepted formats will appear in green. Documents in unaccepted formats will show an error.

  • After you upload a document, the system checks for duplicate files based on the file name and size. If an uploaded file matches one already in the system, a warning message is displayed. You must remove the duplicate file before continuing with the application.

On the Supporting Documents page, a Passport document is posted in the Proof of Citizenship section.
  • If you want to add another Proof of Citizenship document, select +Add Another Document and repeat the steps.

  • To add another type of document, scroll down the Supporting Documents page to the appropriate section, select the type of document that you want to add, and repeat the steps.

  • When you are finished adding the documents, select Save + Continue.

Are You Missing Required Documents?

At this point, the application is in a Draft state. You can return to the application at a later date or time and upload other required supporting documents.

You can also provide supporting documents after the application is submitted, such as Final Academic Transcripts or English Test Scores.

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